Sustainability means being responsible


The concept of being sustainable today becomes an essential responsibility of people and companies towards future generations and the balance of the world.

As a company, we continuously analyze the impact we have on the reality of our territory.

The attention we pay to respecting the Environment is in the list of our priorities to protect the heritage that belongs to future generations.

Inoxmecc has always been committed to feeling co-responsible for the aspects that revolve around this topic.


Safety first of all. We have given priority to the protection of our Customers, Employees and Suppliers.

We invest and are committed to the community to give added value to our company.

Inoxmecc believes in training as a philosophy of growth.


Respect and integrity are among the key words of our code of ethics.

We have chosen transparency at the basis of every action and communication.

We formulate our internal regulations on principles of compliance with current laws.

We promote honest and reliable behavior towards our counterparts and the community in general.

Inoxmecc works so that values can become reality.